Running for Life

Noble Canyon 50K

Noble Canyon 50K

I love running! I can’t wait to run in the Camp Pendleton Hard Corps Marathon on Saturday, which I decided to run a few days ago.  Although this will be my third marathon (one was the Noble Canyon 50K Ultra marathon), I feel like I can enter any marathon distance race on relatively short notice (say two weeks at the least).  I have a lot of aerobic (endurance) base and my average mileage runs between 40-70 miles a week.

A lot of people say, “Wow, that’s a lot!”  However, that’s an accumulation of miles throughout the week.  For example, if you break up your mileage like running four miles in the morning and eight in the afternoon and do this six days a week, high mileage is conceivable and possible.

Of course, building up mileage takes time and patience.  I used Jeff Galloway’s run-walk method to ease my way into running three years ago.  Inspite of having a lot of aerobic base from spinning and hiphop dance (I was a fitness instructor for 17 years), you have to run to really be a runner.

I’m currently training my husband, Eric, for his first marathon.  After five months of training, Eric has lost 10 pounds and is running faster than me (sometimes).  😉  The only reason Eric started running was because he made it a goal to run his first marathon on his 51st birthday.  So we’re running in the inaugural Seattle Rock’n’Roll Marathon as a family.  Our son, Chris, ran on Patrick Henry’s Cross Country and Track teams and hopes to finish in around three hours.

Running and chatting with your spouse is a great marriage builder!  If you have a non-running enthusiast partner, ease them into running by walking and running at their pace.  One of the joys for me as a runner is seeing and appreciating the gains my husband has made as a runner.  Running with one’s partner shouldn’t be about competition or creating a win-lose situation.  If you’re an avid runner, dedicate certain runs for yourself and some slower runs with your partner.

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