Camp Pendleton Hard Corps Marathon

Happy to Finish Sub-5Hr

Happy to Finish Sub-5Hr

I crossed the finish line in 4 hours 58 minutes (physical race clock) today at the Hard Corps Marathon in Camp Pendleton.  But when I checked out the results, I was so disappointed:  it said I finished in 5 hours 1 minute!  What?!!  Even with differences in gun and chip timing, it shouldn’t be off by three minutes!

Eric ran the last five miles with me and then treated me to a fat, juicy 100% Angus Beef cheeseburger.  Sometimes after a long, grueling run like this, some foods just speak to the needs of the body.  Those grilling the burgers, hot dogs and tri-tip steak sandwiches continually drew a large crowd of race finishers and Marine and Navy volunteers (Eric, who retired from the Navy, said they were “volun-told”).  I usually don’t eat red meat, but in this case, I thought it was warranted.

The Santa Ana-based American Institute of Massage Therapy gave free massages to all the finishers, a most heavenly treat!  I probably waited in line for 30 minutes, but time seemed to fly when talking to other runners about their marathon experience today.  My massage therapist-student, Kim, is actually a marathoner who loves running trails.  Kim tended to my quads, hamstrings, calves and feet, knowing just what this runner needed.  Eric and I plan to stop by and visit Kim when we’re in the neighborhood.

Climbing Uphill with 5 Miles to Go

Climbing Uphill with 5 Miles to Go

Somewhere between miles 17 and 20, I struck up a conversation with another fellow marathoner, Jenn English.  Jenn is a jewelry and web designer who was trying to break five hours in the marathon.  She utilizes the run-power walk method in her marathons.  I tried Jenn’s  technique when we agreed to take our “breaks”, but I wasn’t accustomed to the power walking mechanics.  I think you have to train in that particular method if you plan to use it in the marathon.

Organizers of the Hard Corps Marathon had capped the race at 4,000 runners, but less than 500 signed up by the pre-registration deadline.  I don’t know if they knew that the event brought in an out-of-town celebrity and his wife.  Gymnastics Olympic gold medalist Peter Vidmar (LA Olympics, 1984) and his wife, Donna, were running together in their first marathon.

3 thoughts on “Camp Pendleton Hard Corps Marathon

  1. Hey Ruth!

    I googled my name and was browsing to see what listings came up and low and behold I found your blog entry… How cool is that!

    It was so great meeting you during those end miles… It’s funny you mentioned the time difference. I came in at a 5:01:02 and they have me down as 3 minutes slower! Not happy about that but whatever.

    Keep up the outstanding work and keep inspiring and being so cheerful on the course!

    My next marathons in 2009
    – L.A. marathon May 25th
    – Long Beach Marathon in Oct.
    – Las Vegas Marathon in Dec.

    Happy Trails,

    Jenn English
    Race Director For:

  2. sdtrailrunner says:

    It’s great to hear from you, Jenn! With the L.A. Marathon just 10 days away, I’m hungering to another one (and then eat another burger afterwards!) My next planned marathon is the Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle Marathon on June 27th. I signed up for Hard Corps two weeks before the race. It would be great meeting up with you somewhere on the course in L.A.

    I’ve got to think about running in that one, though. The race fee is now $125! If I don’t run it, then I guess I’d pack fuel and water, run 26.2 miles somewhere and and maybe hit an occasional water fountain or Albertson’s along the way.

    Good luck in all your marathons, Jenn! Way to go! 🙂

  3. Hey Ruth do you happen to have a facebook account? I’d love to keep in touch with you via facebook also! If so, please add me using my email address. I hope that you and the family are great and that all your races are going wonderful for you!

    I was happy that I finished 6 full marathons in 2009.

    I have more to come for 2010 but 1st Surf City Marathon and then Mardi Gras Marathon on Feb. 28th.

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