Videos from my Flip Ultra HD camcorder

I bought a Flip Ultra HD camcorder two weeks ago and I love it! It’s so much fun to capture precious moments on-the-fly without having to really plan a particular shoot. For $200, you get an 8GB camcorder that shoots 720p HD video with a built-in USB which you can upload directly to YouTube. I put a few videos of our track team on my YouTube Channel. This clever device weighs a few ounces and, sure, it has its drawbacks (2X optical zoom, marginal audio). Nevertheless, the Flip Ultra HD camcorder shines because it’s so simple to use and people who are typically shy around video cameras aren’t intimidated when I aim it at them. (Initially, they probably think I’m taking a digital still picture.)

I’m thinking of creating a running show just using the Flip camcorder.  (We could create some sort of new reporting genre:  Flip Journalism.)  After running 15 miles in Mission Trails (South Fortuna Mountain trail) one day, I took a break to enjoy the view. In the stillness of the moment, I felt a breeze — not from the wind, but from the wing of a flying hawk three feet away from me. Oh, how I would’ve loved to capture an unplanned, breathtaking moment like that!

Thanks to the Flip Ultra HD, now I can.

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