Our 25-mile Training Run

On Memorial Day, Eric and I ran from the Grantville/Allied Gardens area of San Diego to Mission Bay and back. Eric and I had planned to get our long run in at least four weeks before our marathon in Seattle. So late Sunday night, I mapped out our run using GMaps Pedometer so I could calculate a 25-mile route. While Eric slept, I worked out three different routes to choose from: 1) Grantville/AG to Mission Bay and back (25 miles), 2) Grantville/AG to Eric’s workplace in Little Italy and back (18 miles), and 3) Grantville/AG to Bottega Italiana in Coronado (26 miles, one way).

I thought it might be fun to run with a purpose at the end of Run #3. Bottega Italiana has the best Italian gelato (IMHO) that our family has tried in San Diego. One of the owners is from Vicenzia, Italy so they know how it’s supposed to taste! Last year, we took a lot of “gelato breaks” on our walking and running adventures through Greece and Italy. I thought Eric would pick this run for sure.

Running to Coronado: a Logistical Problem

When you use Google Maps or GMaps Pedometer, you’ll find that you cannot plot a course across the Coronado Bridge. Why? The Coronado Bridge is intended for motor traffic only and there are no pedestrian paths on the structure. So rather than running from home directly to Coronado (a shy 13 miles one way), we would have to run through National City, Chula Vista and Imperial Beach before arriving in Coronado. But at least we’d be running to the best gelateria in town. We could even have Chris meet us in Coronado for gelato before driving us all home.

Land to Sea 25.0

When I proposed Run #3 to Eric the next day, he balked at the idea of running through all the other intermediary cities just for a few scoops of gelato. Eric was more concerned about our safety going through unfamiliar areas. “At least we know Fashion Valley and Mission Bay area,” Eric reasoned. “We’ll be safe there.” (So much for my plan for getting gelato!)

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