Mind-Body Connection

Eric and I ran six miles in Mission Trails tonight (I love it when it’s cooler). We did a two-mile push from the Visitors’ Center to Old Mission Dam, followed by a quick drink at the fountain and a jog to the Grasslands. From there, we did a 1.5-mile push on the rolling Grasslands trail, followed by a walk break. We managed to do one more two-mile push back to the Visitors’ Center, which felt really good.

When I’m running faster than my usual relaxed pace, I ask myself after going a considerable distance: “Aren’t you tired yet?” Sometimes, when my mind says: “You’ve done enough, take a break,” I interview my body and ask: “Do you need a break?” Surprisingly, my body usually says “Oh, I’m feeling fine. I can keep going!” I sometimes underestimate my actual fitness level because I’m basing output by how I performed, say, a year ago. Truly, as we get more fit, we have to revise our fitness and performance goals and ensure that they are in-step with our current fitness level.

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