Seattle Rock-n-Roll Marathon

Hugging my son before our race

Hugging my son before our race

I signed my family up to run in the inaugural Seattle Rock-n-Roll Marathon some six months ago (December 2008) and we now I’m happy to say that we’re finished our respective races!

Sometimes, when you sign up for a race six months out, you can’t predict how life will progress in the ensuing months.   I would never have imagined that Chris would move out on his 18th birthday.  I didn’t plan on gaining 10 lbs. half a year later.

My husband, Eric, was probably the most diligent person training for this marathon in our family.  The day he decided to commit himself to training for the Seattle RnR six months ago was the start of something wonderful!  Despite the trials we faced with Chris’s health and his desire to live on his own, Eric maintained a consistent training schedule with me and on his own.  Chris’s training was not as consistent as it should have been, but he  had a lot of base training from is time running with our high school’s cross country and track teams.  Chris finished in 3:30:28, a little over 20 minutes away from qualifying for the Boston Marathon and 18th in his age division.

I’ll add more details about the race when I can.  Stay tuned!

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