Fireworks show in Coach Myette’s Backyard

Christine and Andrew Myette

Christine and Andrew Myette

Every Fourth of July, Coach Andrew Myette and his lovely wife, Christine, invite friends and family for dinner and a fireworks show in their backyard.  The City of Santee puts on this annual fireworks display for the Myettes and other Santee residents at the Town Center Community Park Ballfields.  There’s no doubt:  the Myettes have the “best seats in the house” and we’re so grateful to them for sharing the fireworks display with us.

Hearing that the Myettes had such great seats for the popular Santee event, about a dozen spectators camped out on the sidewalk outside of their backyard to enjoy the show.  (Andrew and Christine let them know that their property was a “smoke-free” zone, which perturbed two smoking “campers.”  Bravo for standing up for your property rights and right to breathe smoke-free air!)

I shot this video with a Flip Ultra HD camcorder and a QuikPod.  The show runs about 18 minutes.  Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Fireworks show in Coach Myette’s Backyard

  1. Lisa Myette says:

    As Andrew’s big sister I was blessed two-fold with this video. Seeing pictures of family and extended family (he brags about the team at every chance) accompanied by a delightful video (made such by the laughter and giggles in the background) is much appreciated. Thanks!

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