The Job Hunt Begins!

Woo hoo!  I’m burning DVDs, printing resumes and doing whatever it takes to land a TV reporter job.  Okay, so I’m not a “spring chicken” or fresh out of college.  I took a road less traveled, opting to stay at home with my child until he turned 18.  I worked at jobs that kept me close to home:  Fitness instructor (Spin, Hiphop, Aqua, etc.), News/Traffic Radio Reporter, Cross Country and Track Coach, Print Reporter, and more.

My family supports my desire to be a TV reporter/photographer.  The TV program at San Diego City College helps me hone my story telling skills (not to mention my wonderful instructors and fellow classmates).  I will continue to perfect my craft and, hopefully, get better as a reporter as I patiently seek out new job opportunities in the “real” world.  Here’s my TV reporter demo, which changes as I complete more stories.

I finally finished translating 25 minutes of Spanish interviews into English.  The Tijuana-based quartet, Cuatro Para Tango, performs tango music with a fusion of classical and contemporary styles.  Some of us Newscene students are putting together a “Newscene en Español” show in early-December.  I’m working on a story that I’ll track in both English and Spanish, which should be fun!  I’m producing Newscene next Friday before we go on Thanksgiving Break so tune in on ITV Channel 16 in San Diego (Cox Communications).  I’ll also post a video of the show here on my website.

One thought on “The Job Hunt Begins!

  1. Tom Sweet says:

    Hi Ruth,
    I hit this while trying to figure out why etraxc was down. So I’ll take the opportunity to wish you, Eric, and Chris a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We have a job search going on at our house, too. I think of you guys often.

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