New Toys for Night Time Running

Eric and I bought some Petzl headlamps for night running.  I can’t wait to try them out on the trails tonight.  I’m wondering what it will be like to shoot video with my Flip camcorder while wearing the headlamps.  The light sensitivity on the Flip isn’t great, but you can’t expect to have everything packed into a $200 camcorder!  Maybe someday, the Flip folks will figure it out.

I shot another Flip Video recently…this time of Mission Trails Regional Park in San Diego.  It’s a beautiful place of historical significance.  Whenever I run here, I think about the Kumeyaay Indians who lived in this area some 200 years ago.  It’s a peaceful place (except for the passing traffic on Hwy 52 or occasional helicopters flying about) and, no doubt, the spirit of the Kumeyaay lives on in the Fortuna mountains of Mission Trails.

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