Thinking about Cameras

I added some more samples to my anchor demo reel.  I had some good performances that were marred by studio camera operator error (shaky camera shots).  We have a lot of new students operating studio cameras for the first time this semester so I have to be patient.   If I’m not on-set, I usually run Camera#1, which is the main camera for the main anchor, lead reporter, Sports and Entertainment.  When I operate Camera #1, I also have to move the camera to the green screen for Weather during the break.  Then I only have a few seconds to focus the camera on the Weather talent when he or she walks from the anchor desk to the green screen.  I like to tell those anchoring (when I’m not), “Hey, I’m running Camera #1…I’ll make you look good!”  Although I’m not scheduled to be on-set today, I may back-up Weather, in case of an emergency or if the assigned talent shows up late.  So my lunch, makeup and suit are ready-to-go…just in case. 🙂

I’ve been thinking of a particular professional camcorder, the Sony HXR-NX5UB&H Photo lists the camera for $3,990.  The thought of going “tapeless” and saving footage on either SDHC cards and/or the NX5U’s HXR-FM128 Flash Memory Unit (128 Gigabytes) appeal to me.  No more digitizing video in real time.  Just drop your video files into the timeline!  It also works with various workflows:  Final Cut Pro, Avid, Edius, etc.  Although I’ve saved money for this little dream machine, I’m thinking (as Apple’s Steve Jobs would say)…”there’s one more thing.”  If you’re a techie, you know you’re going to need other accessories to complement your new toy:  a rugged, video-specific backpack, a reliable (and expensive) tripod, wireless mics, extra batteries, etc..  Add up all the “one more things” and soon it’ll translate to much more money.  I’m not in any rush to buy my NXCAM just yet.

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