Playing with Techie Toys at NAB

I met my dream camera this morning, the Sony HXR-NX5U!  This morning, Sony announced that they’re coming out with the HXR-MC50E, which is much smaller and similar to the NX5U…BUT it’s only a 1/3-inch single chip camera.  So with just one chip, how would light sensitivity be on the MC50E?  (The NX5U is 1.5 lux.)  I was surprised to find out from the Sony rep that the MC50 will have a light sensitivity of 3 lux, the same light sensitivity as some of the three-chip Panasonic P2 cameras.  Anyway, I still need to get more details on this new “techie toy”.  Sony says the MSRP is at $2,300, but will probably retail between $1,600-1,800.  It’s small, folks…you’re going to need a stabilization counterbalance like some of the ones we saw at the Stedi-cam booth.

More on this later…we have to go back to the Expo.  See you soon! 🙂

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