What about that little Sony MC 50?

Since returning from APTRA Prep and NAB, I had a job interview and a job offer all within the same week!  So if you’ve been waiting for an update to my NAB adventures, I apologize.  Someone reading my blog asked me to elaborate on Sony’s upcoming HXR-MC50.  Like I said previously, the Sony rep I spoke with said the camera won’t come out until June.  When I returned to the Sony booth the next day (Tuesday, April 13) and asked another Sony rep for written specs on this new camera, she said there wasn’t any (since it just announced early that week.)

While there isn’t any MC50 specs on the Sony Broadcast website right now, take a look at Sony’s VideOn site of showcased Sony products at NAB (Video on Sony’s MC50 is under the heading “Affordable HD – NXCAM, HDV & Studio Configs.”)  Here’s some Flip Video of the MC50 I took at NAB, up close and personal.  I forgot to mention that the Sony rep with whom I spoke with initially said the camera doesn’t shoot in 24p, which shouldn’t be a deal breaker for videojournalists on a shoestring budget.

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