2011 San Diego Press Club Awards

I received two third-place San Diego Press Club awards last week Tuesday in the Television division.  One was for Specialty Reporting:  Series (Crisis in Quartzsite) and the other was for Specialty Reporting:  Single Report (Arizona Medicare).  I know these competitions are very competitive and the fact that I work at a small TV station (DMA 166) and San Diego is a major market (DMA 28), I feel pretty darn good!

Here’s a link to my October 2011 TV Demo.  I’m trying to keep my work fresh (as always).  Sometimes it’s hard to keep up my WordPress blog because of what I do at work.  Besides one-man banding (shooting, editing, producing, writing, fronting on-camera, etc.), I have to post my stories on the KSWT News 13 website too.  And I don’t stop there!  I also link the web article to our station’s Facebook page and my Facebook Reporter Ruth Castillo page.  Yes, lots of work!  I’m very happy my Facebook Reporter page is linked to Twitter because whatever story links  I put on Facebook goes directly to Twitter.  That way, I finish my job quicker and get to go home sooner. 😉



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