This is my Newscene anchor demo (Fall 2009).  I sent my demo to two stations in Yuma, Arizona in November 2010.  I had an interview with KSWT-TV 13 in January 2011, was hired in April 2010 and started work less than two weeks later in May 2010.

This is my Newscene reporter demo (Fall 2009) with a story on the Easter Sunday 2010 Calexico earthquake, which was shot by photographer Alex Miller Pastore.  Alex, three other Newscene students and I headed to Calexico right after our Newscene class to cover the story.

This Christmas story didn’t air mainly because I was editing for other reporters that week and producing the newscast in mid-December 2009.  In this story, the holiday lights at the LDS Temple in San Diego come alive, bringing Eric Coplen and Estrella Nouri out to contemplate the meaning of Christmas.  The two are obviously a cute couple…I just wondered if I’d be witnessing a marriage proposal.  Oh well. 😉

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